Guardian Angel
dialogue --- Asking questions and answering them Metaphysical system. We have: God as spirit and mind The world as existing inside God, but stressing the transcendence of God. The world as an illusion, all that exist is God, everything else does not exist. == separation from God is a state of mind. Unity is another state of mind. The one is illusory. It is a wrong perspective or constellation inside the soul. Unity is just another perspective. That is why the world is illusory. We look at it the wrong way. Possession of the soul by God, and the explanation of this unity The goal of the soul is to transcend this world to become united with God. The possessed soul ---- God becomes another, foreign self -- psychology: difference between passive and active actor --- voluntariness of action, deliberate action, freedom ---voluntariness as illusion: God is in it. We need: On the nature of the souls and their destiny On physical reality and matter --- matter as evil? The origin of evil ? On mind and consciousness Liberation and Oneness with God, the transcendence of physical reality ---- myth and metaphor? The creative void which gave rise to a god and creator


To enter into full union with our creator is the ultimate goal of mankind. All else shall perish. All else shall be buried beneath time and the infinite expansion of the universe. That is why humans