The Path of Self-Alignment

Skal skrives pænere. Skal nærmest mejsles ud.. Hver eneste sætning skal være perfekt. Der skal være noge episk over hver sætning. Sig noget der ikke er trivielt i hver sætning.

1. The first measure of knowledge is secrecy. It is not found among the masses, and sometimes neither among those who claim to be wise. Knowledge is earned by discipline and sacrifice. Do not go astray, but stay on the path of rightousness.

2. There are three kinds of knowledge. One is opinion, another is academic knowledge, and the last is experiential knowledge. Of these, the last is the greatest. The first we use to in order to enage with the world, the other for thinking about the world. The last is obtained when we enter into a relation with God.

3. Traces of a secret pact can be read across the world if only one has the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart and mind to judge. Gather in and separate facts from fiction. Undisclosed wisdom shall be found and shared among brothers and sisters.

4. This obscure and hidden knowledge, is the knowledge of the Saints. In them was contained the living reality of God. How could they not claim to be wise, when they had seen the face of their Creator? Are you directing your will towards this purpose?

5. Think not



The Descent of God into the Soul

4. And then the Sun will be birthed in your soul.




They are the most recent part of the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas, that deal with meditation, philosophy, and ontological knowledge; other parts of the Vedas deal with mantras, benedictions, rituals, ceremonies, and sacrifices.[